Fox Valley VW of St. Charles Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews about Fox Valley VW in St. Charles, IL

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Personal and fun experience
submitted by Brian Travilla from St. Charles, IL
 I purchased a Routan about a month ago, (loathing the fact that we needed a mini van,) Fernando sold us a "mac-daddy" SEL version that my family loves and the kids are now mysteriously silent when the DVD player is on. Guess I could tell you that the experience was A+. Love the van, but love the after sale follow up and personal attention. Recently, I was in the market for a new car for business, so the only option was Fox Valley VW. Wanted a CC, but it was pricey. I called Fernando again and he was completely willing to not let price lose a sale. I brought the family to the dealership, wife three boys, and we within two hours had a new CC. Overall, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the dealership, both sales managers and a fun and professional sales and service staff. When you buy a car from this place, you feel like you are a member of a club. I highly recommend entertaining this dealership and focus on the experience!! You will have fun.

submitted by Victoria Deitch from Glenview, IL
 I just want to express my appreciation to everyone at Fox Valley for the professionalism and friendly attitude they all share. I shopped around at several places for new tires for my 2002 Jetta. While shopping around Glenview, I was given quotes that I thought were somewhat outrageous! I called Fox Valley for a quote and was pleasantly surprised. Also, I wasn't quoted unnecessary charges for additional work, as I was from a few other places here in Glenview. I bought my Jetta at the formerly owned Ed Murphy's, now Fox Valley, and will most certainly buy my next VW at Fox Valley. I can't say enough about the great service, and the fact that everyone there IS willing to "go the extra mile", to assure that your a satisfied customer. A special thanks to Tony in the parts dept. and Ted in the service dept. A job well done!

Truly Genuine
submitted by Michael Kendall from West Chicago, IL
 Just wanted to say thank you very much for the service you and your people have provided us so far. The loaner car works perfectly and we really appreciate that. Everyone I have dealt with has been genuinely nice and extremely attentive. I know this is a new location for you, so I thought that some outsider intel may be valuable. Jeff and Sean have been great, and Ted (whom I talked to on Saturday morning) was also really helpful and genuinely nice?I say that again because I can't think of what other way to describe it. So whatever you did, keep on doing it because these guys seem like they are solid people and great ambassadors for your company!

Excellent Service Team
submitted by Michael Alan from West Chicago, IL
I would like to call to your attention the superior service I received from Jeff Kolb and his service team at your Schaumburg location. This team truly cares about its customers. You can see it in their personal concern for customer care , their promptness in providing follow-up and repair status, and in their commitment in solving my service problem. My wife's 2001 VW Cabrio had developed a transmission problem. The real story was that the first effort at repair didn't succeed. That's where the team shined in their continued concern, monitoring of the situation and getting Volkswagen to commit to a replacement transmission covered by the 10-year drive train warranty. I sincerely appreciate the extra effort and superior service this team put forth. You have a new loyal VW customer, and when the time comes, we look forward our next VW purchase from Fox Valley. You can thank Jeff and his team for winning my trust in Fox Valley.

Better service than Lexus!
submitted by Kathy Steele from Wheaton, IL
FVVW is a valued client of ours so in the effort to reciprocate the business I decided to get my car serviced at my next appointment. As a busy business owner I was way overdue for an oil change so I decided to bring my vehicle into the service department at Schaumburg during my meeting with the owner. I do not drive a VW nor did I have an appointment. Jeff, the service manager, assured me that it was not a problem. In fact, he advised me that if he used the Lexus oil and filter it would be better for my car. He even arranged to pick up the oil filter from Lexus so he could properly service my vehicle. Please keep in mind he had no idea I was meeting with the owner. This was just typical service at FVVW. After my meeting my car was ready and washed. Best of all the service was half of what I normally pay at Lexus. Thanks to Jeff and the service team - see you in three months!

Thank You!
submitted by James Ray from West Chicago, IL
I just wanted to take a minute and thank the entire staff at Fox Valley VW for the most pleasurable car buying experience I've ever had. You welcomed us from the moment we walked into your dealership. Your attention to detail and level of professionalism was something I have NEVER experienced in all my years of car purchases. Words can't express how thankful and grateful we both are to all of you in helping us with the difficult situation we were in. Other dealership did nothing but try to prey on us, but you did the complete opposite and went above and beyond what was necessary to help us. Acts such as this do not go unrewarded and unnoticed. You have two customers for life and I will happily tell everyone not only what a great group of people you all are but what a great car VW is. I know it has not even been 24 hours but I absolutely love my Jetta! I could go on forever praising you, but from the bottom of both our hearts, thank you so much for helping us and doing a great job!

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